A summary of the Scottish Korfball League, 2012/13

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Well, that was a fascinating, and somewhat odd season! Summer predictions were for the university teams to decline somewhat after losing some key players, and for Edinburgh City were expected to improve, for the opposite reason. Dundee were looking to improve and continue their expansion, and no doubt the same could be said for Glasgow and the Mavericks.

Early season clashes were generally cagy – Ed City 1 sneaked past Ed Uni 1, their seconds proved tough opponents for Saints and Dundee firsts as well, and Ed Uni 1 came back with a 9-5 defeat of Mavs. Glasgow were looking excellent, and at the end of November, both they, Saints 1 and City 1 remained unbeaten.

Of the second and lower teams, EU2, Glasgow 2 and City 2 were all swapping results and generally performing creditably against the higher teams, and EU2 sneaked a 3-3 draw against Dundee which put them in pole position for the second part of the season.

December shook everything up. Glasgow 1 beat Saints 1 17-10, but were knocked off their cloud somewhat by a rampant City 1 who scored 20 the following week against both them and Mavericks, although a hard-fought  11-8 win for Glasgow 1 over Mavericks softened the blow somewhat. It seems that City 1 really clicked at this point, and from the beginning of December to the end of the first half of the season, they scored 112 goals and conceded only 25, including a 25-5 demolition of the defending champions, St. Andrews. City were marking themselves out as the strong favourites to regain the championship they last won in 2011.

For the first time, there was a split in the Scottish League for the second half of the season. This was to enable game lengths to be extended to an hour, and to make all of a team’s games competitive. Whether this experiment worked is something that will continue to be discussed elsewhere!

The lower half of the split was indeed competitive (apart from EU2 handing out a lesson to Saints 2), but after this, Saints went on to win their final three matches – lesson learned! Dundee 2 made their debut in this section, and went on to beat City 2 7-6 as well as losing a couple of other tight games. Glasgow 2 were strong opponents for everyone and won three matches, and EU3 won a game too – some joy for everyone! In the end however, EU2 proved strong and won every game to take the lower league title by five points from Saints 2.

In the upper tier, there was a tight battle for second, third and fourth between Glasgow, Saints and EU1. Glasgow drew 7-7 with Saints, but EU1 all but guaranteed themselves their best league placing in years by posting strong wins against both. Lower down, Mavericks and Dundee struggled for points, and the only win for either was a 9-2 defeat of Dundee in Edinburgh. The main story was that City 1 remained hugely strong. They won every game they played, and only Mavericks managed to stop them scoring 20, such was the effectiveness of their attacking. They are rightfully crowned Scottish Korfball League Champions 2012/13, and will carry the pride of the league into Europe in the Autumn!


Ian, League Sec

p.s. this assumes that Saints beat Mavs on Saturday!