Big Dreams: Picking a Scotland Squad for the European Championships

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A famous line in an old (ish) movie is “You’ve got big dreams. You want fame. Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying. In sweat.” Maybe in today’s world of Big Brother and X Factor, people aren’t forced to pay in sweat anymore. The quote should maybe be changed to “Fitness costs” because it does and the training squad are paying for it. Alongside regular training weekends where they are pushing themselves as much as they can they have all been given a punishing fitness programme to follow alongside their korfball training. It hurts, I’ve read their Facebook posts – I’m not sure any of them are enjoying the wonder of the “Turkish Get up” – but there’s been a whole conversation about it, and they’re still doing them.

Their reward for all this pain? A possible spot on the squad travelling to Portugal in October to represent Scotland in the European Championships. The initial pool sees us pitted against Hungary, Slovakia and Ireland. Winning the pool secures qualification to the World Championships in 2 years’ time. It’s not an impossible ask, but it won’t be an easy one.


Scotland training squad - 2014
Scotland training squad – 2014

My task in this? To select a squad. The best squad. The one which will give us the greatest chance of securing that chance. Is it easier than a Turkish get up? I’m not sure. I’ve known some of these players for years, they’re old team mates from National League and British Student days; people I coached since they started their korfball journey; people who I selected for the first squad when I took up the role 6 years ago and they’re also my friends. And I have to not select some of them. Saying that, this is the strongest squad I’ve seen. We struggled to get a full squad 4 years ago for the Europeans , so having a selection to make is fantastic no matter how hard it’s going to be.

Scotland Korfball has big dreams. They want success. They’re sweating and it’s working….Watch out, we’re coming for you.

Beth Bennett – Scotland Coach

Watch out for more details of the final squad for the European Championships, coming soon to the Scotland Korfball Association website.

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