Inter-club conference (10/1/16)

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The SKA will be hosting its first inter-club conference of 2016, from 10:30am on Sunday, Jan 10th. Topics for discussion will include the SKA’s role, priorities and organisation, as well as a few aspects of the current league rules and fixture scheduling. It promises … Continued

New SKA Constitution and Committee

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At the AGM on 18th April, the SKA membership voted to adopt the new constitution proposed by the committee. The following were elected to serve on the new committee: Andy Harrow (Glasgow), Annabel Grout (St Andrews University), Ian Volante (Edinburgh … Continued

SKA Statement: Protests

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2014/15 League Rules For the 2014/15 season the Scottish Korfball Association AGM instituted a new system for managing team selection and the issue of ‘playing up’ and ‘playing down’. Under the 2014/15 league rules (see SKA Policy Library, League Secretary … Continued

SKA AGM: Executive Committee 2014/15

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At Saturday 26th April’s Annual General Meeting a new committee was returned to the Scottish Korfball Association National Executive Committee for 2014/15. Graham Robertson (Edinburgh City) was retained as Chair, whilst Nigel Cooper (Dundee), Jean Fourie (Edinburgh University), Andrea Kinver … Continued

2014 Annual General Meeting

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2014 Annual General Meeting   Notice is hereby given that the 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Scottish Korfball Association shall be held on Saturday 26th April 2014.  It is expected that it will take place after the SKA Cup, … Continued