SKA Board Recruitment

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The Scottish Korfball Association (SKA) are, for the first time, establishing a Board. The Board will take on responsibility for long term strategic planning and hold the SKA Management Committee to account in relation to these plans. The full advert … Continued

Inter-club conference (10/1/16)

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The SKA will be hosting its first inter-club conference of 2016, from 10:30am on Sunday, Jan 10th. Topics for discussion will include the SKA’s role, priorities and organisation, as well as a few aspects of the current league rules and fixture scheduling. It promises … Continued

New SKA Constitution and Committee

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At the AGM on 18th April, the SKA membership voted to adopt the new constitution proposed by the committee. The following were elected to serve on the new committee: Andy Harrow (Glasgow), Annabel Grout (St Andrews University), Ian Volante (Edinburgh … Continued