Development Officer Position open on the SKA Management Committee.

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The SKA Management Committee are looking to recruit another member to the committee with the responsibility of ‘Development’. The description of what this role will entail is detailed below. To apply, please email by the 31st September 2020 with a brief description of why you want this role. If you have any questions please send us an email or a message on social media.

Role Description:
Duty Time Commitment Frequency
Participate in management committee meetings 1-2 hours Every 4-6 weeks.
AdHoc Development Workshops, sessions (e.g. Workplace tournament) 5 hours 1-2 a year
Assist Chair in bookings for National Squad Weekends 3 hours 1-2 a year. This is not part of the current role but since there is no International Officer currently in place.
Coaching Course development   10 hours/Variable There is a Coach Level 1 course prepared by John Wright. The minimum expectation would be to run this course for people to qualify as coaches. Further work to be done to understand needs from clubs
Club Surveys and day-to-day overseeing of health of sport Variable This would involve running a series of surveys every year or 2 to understand gaps in development, barriers for women in the sport, needs, etc.
Come up with suggestions and amendments to constitution to enable solid development long term Variable This can still be part of the officer’s role, but should liaise with the future ‘board’ as they will have a more strategic vision of the sport.
Action and Develop the Scotland Development Plan Variable This is quite broad as a task – and should sit within the ‘board’ as a main priority – several of the next tasks are included within this large one
Long term development of Youth in Scotland Variable This is a priority for ´board´ next season. This would involve liaising with Schools/Teachers to try to set up sessions.
Long term development of Universities in Scotland Variable This is a priority for ´board´ next season. This is separate from ‘Youth’ in the sense that looks only at universities and their development needs

Most tasks can be completed at home, with management committee meetings coordinated through Zoom.

The current Management Committee will discuss applications at the next Committee meeting on the 6th October 2020 and inform applicants of the decision soon after.