End of Season Awards 2018/19

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On Saturday 13th April, clubs from across Scottish Korfball came together to celebrate the end of the season.

Special thanks go to all those who put hours in every week to help run and develop korfball in Scotland. From volunteers at clubs, to coaches, referees, players and supporters. Congratulations to all clubs on their efforts this season – enjoy the summer!



SKL 1 final standings:

Champions: Edinburgh Mavericks 1

2. Edinburgh City 1

3. Glasgow 1

4. Edinburgh Mavericks 2

5. Dundee 1

6. Edinburgh University 1

7. St Andrews University 1

SKL 2 final standings:

Champions: Strathclyde University

2. Edinburgh City 2

3. Edinburgh University 2

4. Dundee 3

5. Glasgow 2

6. Dundee 2

7. Edinburgh City 3

8. Edinburgh University 3

9. St Andrews University 2


SKL 1 Individual Award Winners

Male MVP: Angus Davidson (Edinburgh Mavericks)

2. Dave Ewing (Edinburgh City)

3. Calum Lindsay (Glasgow)

Female MVP: Nicol Harrow (Edinburgh Mavericks)

2. Laura de Nooij (Edinburgh City)

3. Rocio Melus (Edinburgh Mavericks)

Male Top Scorer: Owen Shea (Edinburgh Mavericks)

2. Dave Ewing (Edinburgh City)

3. Angus Davidson (Edinburgh Mavericks)

Female Top Scorer: Laura de Nooij (Edinburgh City)

2. Nicol Harrow (Edinburgh Mavericks)

3. Nicki Lawrence (Edinburgh Mavericks)


SKL 2 Individual Award Winners

Male MVP: Ross McGuiness (Strathclyde)

2. Matthew McHugh (Dundee)

3. Alan Morrison (Dundee)

Female MVP: Nadine Gallagher (Strathclyde)

2. Rosie Lloyd (Dundee)

3. Andrea Kinver (Edinburgh City)

Male Top Scorer: Ross McGuiness (Strathclyde)

2. Alan Morrison (Dundee)

3. Matthew McHugh (Dundee)

Female Top Scorer: Nadine Gallagher (Strathclyde)

2. Marisa Graser (Strathclyde)

3. Andrea Kinver (Edinburgh City)