Hellenic Korfball Championship 2012

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The Hellenic Korfball Championships are of special interest to Scottish korfball because of close ties between Galaxias Athens and Edinburgh University Korfball Club. Galaxias came to Scotland for the Edinburgh International Korfball tournament in January 2012 and a return visit is planned for Summer 2013. EUKC are also hoping to welcome Galaxias back to their tournament in January 2013.

We hope that Greek korfball continues to grow, and hope that either Edinburgh University Korfball Club or a ‘Scotland All-Stars’ team can make it out to Athens in the future!

The IKF report on the Hellenic Korfball Championships 2012 may be found below.

The 2012 Hellenic Korfball Championships were held in Athens during the weekend, with Panteion University (Athens) retaining their title and extending their unbeaten record against other Greek clubs.

In a tournament which in many respects resembled last year’s event, Panteion again managed to score 4 wins in 4 matches, by beating the other two contestants, Galaxias (Athens) and Aris (Thessaloniki), twice. Galaxias and Aris continued the long tradition of closely-fought matches between them: The first one ended in a draw, before Galaxias snatched 2nd place by beating Aris 9-8 in the second. Panteion University’s victory did not come as easily as it seems: Galaxias and Aris each had a very strong chance of winning a match against Panteion, leading the score well into the second half of their respective matches, before succumbing to Panteion’s players’ accurate shooting and superior physical condition. Regardless of the similarities between this year’s and last year’s results, the feeling is that the level of korfball in Greece is steadily improving.

One can only hope that increasing economic hardship will not affect this progress, which is mainly due to the dedication shown by the 3 participants.

Results: Event referee: Hovhannes Hakobyan (Armenia)

Galaxias – Panteion University 6-12, Galaxias – Aris 7-7, Aris – Panteion University 7-9,

Panteion University – Galaxias 13-10, Aris – Galaxias 8-9, Panteion University – Aris 14-7

Final standings: 1.) Panteion University 8 pts, 2.) Galaxias 3 pts, 3.) Aris 1 pt.