Inaugural Dundee Korfball Tournament

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Sunday 27th May saw the first ever incarnation of the Dundee korfball tournament. Six teams competed in sun-drenched Dawson Park for the honour of winning the UK’s most northerly korfball tournament. For photographs of the tournament please head over to the SKA Flickr Account.

Individual match results from throughout the day are listed below:

6-2 Ed City 1 vs Dial-A-Croc (Dundee 2)
2-7 Dundee Dragons vs Ed City 1
7-2 Ed Uni vs Dundee Dragons
4-3 Ed City 1 vs Ed Uni
2-3 Ed City 2 vs Ed City 1
0-5 Dundee Dragons vs Ed City 2
3-3 Saint Andrews vs Ed City 1
4-2 Ed City 2 vs Ed Uni
5-6 Ed Uni vs Saint Andrews
5-7 Dial-A-Croc (Dundee 2) vs Ed City 2
4-2 Ed City 2 vs Saint Andrews
9-0 Saint Andrews vs Dial-A-Croc (Dundee 2)
1-2 Dial-A-Croc (Dundee 2) vs Dundee Dragons
4-8 Dial-A-Croc (Dundee 2) vs Ed Uni
4-7 Dundee Dragons vs Saint Andrews

Final Placings:
Ed City – 9 points
Ed City 2 – 8 points
Saint Andrews – 7 points
Ed Uni – 4 points
Dundee Dragons – 2 points
Dial-A-Croc (Dundee 2) – 0 points

So, Edinburgh City 1 topped the table and took home the DKC 2012 trophy. Big thanks have to go to Dundee Korfball Clubfor running such a smooth enjoyable tournament. Running a BBQ throughout the day was an inspired call, and whoever organised the weather deserves a knighthood!

The ability to field two competitive teams shows just how far Dundee have come in the past year, so congratulations to everyone involved!