Korfball is a great game. Its most outstanding characteristic is that it is a mixed gender sport. It has to be mixed otherwise it just doesn’t work. Male and Female players work together in the same same sections to try and score goals. Korfball really allows you to exploit your unique positive characteristics.

The main aim of korfball is to score a goal. The goal is a moulded basket on top of a 3.5 metre post. You shoot the ball into the basket whenever you can. The overriding ethic in korfball is co-operation, so you cannot run with the ball, you cannot dribble and you cannot take the ball from your opponent.

The other major feature of korfball is that you can be stopped from scoring by the other team. It would be too easy otherwise! If your opponent is close enough and actively trying to stop you, you cannot shoot.

This creates a fast paced and dynamic game. The sport originated in The Netherlands in the early 20th Century. On an international scale, the Dutch League remains the top level of the sport.


Playing Korfball in Scotland

If you are interested in giving korfball a try, head along to our clubs page, where you can find a club in your area and the contact details you need. Scottish korfball welcomes complete beginners to seasoned internationals. To hear the latest from our own National Team, head over to the internationals page.


Korfball in the Media

Korfball has been featured in the media all over the United Kingdom, and in English abroad.

Any enquiries about the sport should be directed to the SKA Secretary.

News features:

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