Edinburgh Mavericks have today released a new promotional video to encourage people to #FINDKORFBALL.

The film, which Mavs hope will attract new players to the club, came together in November 2015 when award-winning Director, Bjorn Tobiasson, found space in his packed schedule and agreed to jump on board the project.

The film takes a slightly different stylistic approach to the usual promotional film as screenwriter Steve Lawrence explains:
“There’s a host of great videos out that explain the sport and show korfball in action. In order to stand out from the crowd we decided to shift focus to the emotions associated with the sport and the journey many people go through as they first find korfball and then find themselves. Our central character represents everyone who has first encountered the post with apprehension and confusion but has eventually been seduced by the greatest sport on the planet.”

Being in front of the camera may not have been a regular occurrence for the Mavs squad but leading man, Elliot Samson, was not fazed:

“Although it was my first major role I didn’t find it too tough, I see a lot of myself in my character and that really helps me with my process. I too came from nothing and had to fight hard for everything in my life; I wanted to bring a certain grit to the role and I think it’s pretty clear I succeeded.”

Although the video was produced primarily to encourage people to join Mavs, the club said they’d be delighted if it helped bring anyone new to the game. Like all clubs within the SKA, part of the task is to put a smile on people’s faces and the video certainly does that.

The video can be seen here: https://youtu.be/5UNtmVWoM9A