SKA Cup: Edinburgh Mavericks narrowly complete domestic treble

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With the league season finished and the champions of each division crowned, seven teams from every corner of Scotland’s korfball map descended on George Watson’s to battle for the final piece of silverware of the indoor season. At Sighthill last year, St Andrews 2 took home the crown after defeating Edinburgh Mavericks in the final but it was clear from the off they’d face a battle to retain the trophy with all six teams hungry for SKA Cup glory and only one trophy to be handed out.

1422608_840581692637082_5710032334167543744_nThe format of this year’s tournament was triple elimination knock out. Half hour games that had to end with a winner or loser – three losses and you had to go home. From the first whistle tensions were high, and from the number of penalty shootouts it was clear things were going to be close.

Edinburgh Uni were the first team to go. Victims of their own vanity as all but two members of the team rushed off for a glamorous photo shoot halfway through the day.
Saints 1 and 2 were unable to bring the trophy back to the coast. They deserve great credit for bringing two teams but found themselves stretched too thin as the day progressed losing out to a resurgent Edinburgh City.10320518_840581595970425_1783728406182536204_n

Dundee have progressed over the course of the season and finished the day a creditable 4th place.

City had a slow start to the day but with Mark ‘Goose’ Goosens out to prove wedded bliss hadn’t dulled his edge in front of the post they surged back after lunch. After 7 consecutive victories it looked like a miracle might be on the cards but eventually an exhausted City hit the wall against city rivals Mavs in the semi final.

1795775_840583192636932_2866736031517977611_nAnd so it came down to Edinburgh Mavericks against Glasgow with the SKA Cup on the line. Glasgow had defeated Mavs twice earlier in the day but their opponents were hopeful third time might be the charm.

It looked that way early on with Mavs starting strong. Things started to get physical as the league champions battled it out with Glasgow’s finest under the post – with Scotland’s John Wright hitting the deck as Glasgow turned up the heat. Wright’s fellow Scotland international Nicol van Rijbroek entered the fray in the second half of the cup final, inspiring Glasgow to pull a couple back. In this tense, hard-fought final the score was 5-4 going into the final few minutes and Mavs managed to hold out to complete a historic treble.

Steve Lawrence (@steveolawrence)

Full results:

Match 1: St Andrews University 2 (2) v (4) Glasgow
Match 2: Edinburgh Mavericks (6) v (2) Edinburgh University 1
Match 3: Edinburgh City (3) v (1) St Andrews University 1
Match 4: Dundee (3) v (6) Glasgow
Match 5: Edinburgh Mavericks (7) v (3) Edinburgh City
Match 6: Edinburgh University (5) v (5) St Andrews University 1 (St Andrews University 1 win 3 v 0 on penalties)
Match 7: St Andrews University 2 (5) v (5) Edinburgh City (St Andrews University 2 win 2 v 1 on penalties)
Match 8: St Andrews University 1 (1) v (5) Dundee
Match 9: Edinburgh University (x) v (x) Edinburgh City (Edinburgh City awarded the game by default; Edinburgh University are eliminated)
Match 10: St Andrews University 1 (4) v (4) Edinburgh City (Edinburgh City win 2 v 1 on penalties; St Andrews University 1 are eliminated)
Match 11: Glasgow (7) v (4) Edinburgh Mavericks
Match 12: Dundee (5) v (3) St Andrews University 2
Match 13: St Andrews University 2 (4) v (5) Edinburgh City (St Andrews University 2 are eliminated)
Match 14: Edinburgh Mavericks (8) v (2) Dundee
Match 15: Glasgow (6) v (4) Edinburgh Mavericks
Match 16: Dundee (7) v (9) Edinburgh City (Dundee are eliminated)
Match 17: Edinburgh Mavericks (6) v (3) Edinburgh City (Edinburgh City are eliminated)
Match 18 (Final): Edinburgh Mavericks (5) v (4) Glasgow

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