New Committee Preparing for Next Season

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The 28th of April saw the close of the 2011-12 season with the AGM, league-deciding matches and end of season party. Elected at the AGM were the new committee and with several of last year’s members fleeing the country, there was room for plenty of new faces.

Clive Minshull (Ed City) takes on the role of Chair, Rosy Nolan (Ed Uni) remains as Secretary, Poppy Simpson- Wells (Ed Uni) Treasurer, Ben Reynolds (Mavs) League Secretary, Nigel Cooper (Dundee) Development Officer, Andrea Kinver (Ed City) Internationals Officer, Dave Ewing (St Andrews) Funding Officer and Jem Horsley-Downie (Ed Uni) Child Protection Officer. Gav Legg has taken on the task of developing referees and Will Ellis will be helping to improve the SKA website.

The new committee are at full speed preparing for the new season. Ben is working on the new league format, Nigel has set up a Scotland Korfball Forum which can be accessed here, refereeing support proposals are being drawn up and as you can see Will has been busy with the website!

Here’s to a successful 2012-13 season!