New Season Kicks Off

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This weekend marks the start of the new season for the Scottish Korfball League, with the first matches in SKL 1 taking place on Sunday 16th September between Edinburgh Mavericks 2, Glasgow 1 and Dundee 1.

We have 2 leagues this season, competing in SKL 1 are:

Dundee 1
Edinburgh City 1
Edinburgh Mavericks 1
Edinburgh Mavericks 2
Edinburgh University 1
Glasgow 1
Saint Andrews 1

Competing in SKL 2 are:

Dundee 2
Dundee 3
Edinburgh City 2
Edinburgh City 3
Edinburgh University 2
Edinburgh University 3
Glasgow 2
Saint Andrews 2
Strathclyde University 1

Fixtures are available via the calendar on our website and results and statistics will be published on League Republic.

The SKA extends our best wishes to all clubs for a great season, and look forward to sharing the progress of clubs as the season progresses, including new third teams for Edinburgh City and Dundee, and the re-welcoming of Strathclyde University Korfball Club after a year developing with Glasgow Korfball Club. It has been great to see the time and effort put into pre-season this year, with many clubs working together with coaching efforts, sharing ideas and also playing friendlies to get fitness up to match level and the korfball brains working once again!

Edinburgh City and Glasgow Korfball Clubs during a pre-season friendly.