New SKA Constitution and Committee

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At the AGM on 18th April, the SKA membership voted to adopt the new constitution proposed by the committee. The following were elected to serve on the new committee:

Andy Harrow (Glasgow), Annabel Grout (St Andrews University), Ian Volante (Edinburgh Mavericks), Michael Nicholson (Dundee), Nicol van Rijbroek (Glasgow), and Nigel Cooper (Dundee).

The committee met for the first time today, and at that meeting Michael was elected Chair, Andy was made Secretary, and Nigel became our Treasurer. Nicol will continue to oversee matters relating to the national team.

Minutes of today’s meeting will be circulated soon. The main topics of discussion were development of the national team, and the reform of the league rules that was discussed at the AGM. Further discussion on both topics will continue in earnest over the coming weeks and months, and the SKA remains committed to having the league rules finalised (following consultation with the clubs) no later than 1st July. Further details of the consultation process will be made available in due course.

In the meantime, we hope everyone enjoys their break from competitive korfball before coming back refreshed and raring to go for the St Andrews Beach Tournament (23rd May), Dundee Day (24th May), Storm in a Teacup (20th June), and Mavs Mania (15th August).

Here’s to a great summer of korf!

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