Olympic Korfball 2028?

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With London 2012 within touching distance, what are korfball’s chances of ever being an Olympic sport? Well, the IKF does in fact have a target date of 2028!

The IKF has been an IOC-recognised governing body, since 1993, but looking down the list of other recognised, but non-Olympic sports, korfball’s hopes seem slim. Add to that, the fact that for London 2012 two sports, baseball and softball, were dropped, but no consensus was reached as to what would replace them – competition for places is fierce.

Having said that, korfball is well on the way to meeting the criteria needed to be considered as an Olympic sport. It’s certainly played in four continents and not too far off the golden 75 countries required. In fact, each year the World Championships demonstrate the impressive global spread of korfball participation.

Within individual countries, gaining recognition of korfball by the relevant government agency for sport will go a long way to helping. At the SKA, after a year’s worth of application, we are getting much closer to Sport Scotland accreditation.

The IKF seem realistic about korfball’s Olympic chances, but aim to fulfil the criteria, so that anything preventing korfball’s path to the Olympic stage would be external rather than internal.

In the meantime London 2012 looks set to be spectacular. Here’s to a wonderful ‘summer’ of sport!