This page provides links to useful SKA regulations and policies.  A selection of historic resources are available here.


Annual General Meeting Minutes

Anti-Doping Regulations

BKA Code of Conduct

Child Protection Policy

Conflict of Interest

SKA Constitution

Disciplinary Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy Statement

Insurance Documentation To be added

League Resources
2017-18 Scottish Korfball League Rules
2016-17 SKL Match Form
2017-18 Template Refereeing Invoice
2016-17 Disciplinary Form
Disciplinary Codes
2017-18 Star and Named Players
2016-17 Saturday Opt-Ins

IKF Playing Rules
Complete Rules of Korfball (2017)
Guidance Notes to the Rules of Korfball (2017)
Refereeing Signals (2015)
Reasons for the Approved Changes to the Rules of Korfball (2017)