Child Protection Policy

The Scottish Korfball Association child protection guidelines are laid down in the Scottish Korfball AssociationChild Protection Policy and Guidelines.

The Association has also produced a Child Protection Policy Statement.

The appendices of the child protection policy have been seperated and can be downloaded in .pdf format for printing individually:

Child Protection Policy and Guidelines
Child Protection Policy Statement
Appendix A Code of Conduct for Staff and Volunteers
Appendix B Staff/Volunteer Registration Form
Appendix C Code of Conduct for Coaches
Appendix D Code of Conduct for Young Players
Appendix E Player Registration Form
Appendix F Risk Assessment Form
Appendix G Guidelines for Dealing with an Incident
Appendix H Incident Report Form
Appendix I Consent Form for Parents/Carers
Appendix J Tour Registration Form
Appendix K Private Vehicle Registration Form
Appendix L Sample Policy Statement
Appendix M Child Protection Report Form


For more information on child protection issues, the following are full of useful information:

Children 1st
Child Protection Scotland