SKA Policy Library

Annual General Meeting Minutes:
AGM Minutes (2011)
EGM Minutes (October 2011)
AGM Minutes (2012)
AGM Minutes (2013)
AGM Minutes (2014)
AGM Minutes (2015)

Committee Meeting Minutes
18.08.2013 – SKA Committee Meeting Minutes
17.05.2014 – SKA Committee Meeting Minutes
2014/15 Meeting 1
2014/15 Meeting 3
2014/15 Meeting 4
2014/15 Meeting 5
2014/15 Meeting 6

Anti-Doping Regulations:
Anti-Doping Regulations

BKA Code of Conduct:
Code of Conduct for Players

Child Protection Policy:
Child Protection Policy and Guidelines
Child Protection Policy Statement
Appendix A Code of Conduct for Staff and Volunteers
Appendix B Staff/Volunteer Registration Form
Appendix C Code of Conduct for Coaches
Appendix D Code of Conduct for Young Players
Appendix E Player Registration Form
Appendix F Risk Assessment Form
Appendix G Guidelines for Dealing with an Incident
Appendix H Incident Report Form
Appendix I Consent Form for Parents/Carers
Appendix J Tour Registration Form
Appendix K Private Vehicle Registration Form
Appendix L Sample Policy Statement
Appendix M Child Protection Report Form

Conflict of Interest:
Conflict of Interest Policy

Previous Constitution (October 2012)
Previous Constitution (April 18, 2015)
SKA Constitution (April 2017)

Disciplinary Policy

Equality and Diversity:
Equality and Diversity Policy Statement

Insurance Documentation:
Summary of SKA master-cover (2014/15)
Sports Liability Policy (2014/15)
Directors & Officers Insurance Policy (2014/15)
Employers Liability Policy (2014/15)

League Information:
2016-17 Scottish Korfball League Rules
2016-17 SKL Match Form
2016-17 Disciplinary Form
Disciplinary Codes
2016-17 Star and Named Players
2016-17 Saturday Opt-Ins

Playing Rules (IKF):
Complete Rules of Korfball (2015)
Guidance Notes to the Rules of Korfball (2015)
Reasons for the Approved Changes to the Rules of Korfball (2015)