Scotland Squad for Europeans: Announcement

The Scottish Korfball Association is delighted to announce that the following have been selected for the European Championships squad of 16:

Joanna Cook (Norwich Knights)
Zoe Bennett (Flamingoes)
Natasha Lynch (Edinburgh Mavericks)
Morven van Sliedregt (KVS)
Nicol van Rijbroek (Glasgow)
Rebecca Pratt (Croydon)
Ella Paul (Edinburgh University)
Emma Stanley (Bearsted)

Mike Brayne (Manchester Warriors)
Kyle Crombie (Northern Storm)
Angus Davison (Bristol Thunder)
Ross Lenton (Norwich Knights)
Jean Le Roux Fourie (Edinburgh University)
Dan Pratt (Velocitas)
Erik Rustenburg (Unattached)
Elliott Samson (Edinburgh University)

Scotland Coach Beth Bennett told us:

The whole training squad has worked incredibly hard and this is the strongest squad Scotland has ever taken to a tournament. It is a good mix of youth and experience and I’m confident we will perform to our full potential at the upcoming Europeans.

SKA Chair Graham Robertson was pleased to hear that the squad selection had been a competitive process, saying:

I am very pleased with this squad, as it shows how far Scotland’s korfball has progressed in recent years, we now have a good blend of experience and youth in this group of players which stands us in good stead not just for this tournament but for the future.
Sympathies go out to those who were unfortunate not to be selected on this occasion as I know they have all been training exceptionally hard and the decision was very difficult for Beth. I do hope they take the experience, learn from it and come back stronger to the next training squad to challenge for selection for future events.
My hope is for them to come to the forthcoming training sessions to support the final squad and perhaps even have a tough training game against them.
I would like to wish the squad all the very best of luck for the upcoming training sessions and tournament, please try to stay injury free and make the most of this opportunity to represent Scotland at the highest level.
Lastly I would like to quote Beth from her recent statement by saying “Scotland Korfball has big dreams. They want success. They’re sweating and it’s working….Watch out, we’re coming for you.”
I look forward to watching us perform well come Europeans and being exceptionally proud to be part of Scottish Korfball.

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