SKA Board Recruitment

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The Scottish Korfball Association (SKA) are, for the first time, establishing a Board. The
Board will take on responsibility for long term strategic planning and hold the SKA
Management Committee to account in relation to these plans. The full advert can be found at the link below.

To apply for this vacancy please e-mail a CV and covering letter explaining how you meet
the knowledge, experience and skills for the role to

All applications are requested no later than 12pm on Tuesday 27th April.
We will consider applications and may invite selected applicants for an interview on a date to
be mutually agreed.

The role of the Board is largely consultative and supportive of the activities of the SKA
Management Committee. The Board will aim to:
• Produce a 5 year Development Plan in consultation with the membership, and
monitor its implementation, advising the Management Committee on actions in line
with the Plan
• Make initial contact and develop relationships with external bodies on behalf of the
SKA relating to the development of korfball in Scotland.
• Consult and advise on the annual budget in line with the Development Plan.
• Scrutinise the financial position of Scottish korfball.
• Provide advice and support to new Management Committee members and advise
the Management Committee on areas relating to development, specifically: record keeping and governance; financial oversight and fundraising; development planning
and implementation; and wellbeing and equalities.

Equality & Diversity
We actively encourage applications from all sectors of the community. All candidates will be
shortlisted for the roles available purely on competencies and without regard to:
• Age
• Physical or Mental Disability
• Lifestyle or Marital Status
• Race or National Origin
• Religion or Belief
• Sex/Gender
• Sexual Orientation