SKA Cup 2018/19 Winners

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On Saturday 9th February Mavs 1 were crowned SKA Cup Champions, after defeating Mavs A in the final, 17-9.

Strathclyde won the Bronze medal, beating Senior Citizens (of Edinburgh City) 17-12.

The event also saw the annual SKL All Star Game, with Alba Globetrotters, coached by Jen Merritt, defeating Caledonian Legends, coached by Natasha Wright, 10-8. The All Star MVP went to Blair Small of Dundee.


Alba Globetrotters:

Al Faurot (Glasgow)

Angus Davidson (Edinburgh Mavericks)

Clive Minshull (Edinburgh City)

Ian McKenzie (St Andrews Uni)

Rob Dudek (Edinburgh Uni)

Ross Fraser (Strathclyde Uni)

Rowan Chillingworth (Dundee)

Frankie Alcock (Dundee)

Katrina Caldwell (Edinburgh City)

Lizzie Jones (St Andrews Uni)

Nadine Gallagher (Strathclyde Uni)

Nicol Harrow (Edinburgh Mavericks)

Nina Murdoch (Glasgow)

Tasha Jayabalan (Edinburgh Uni)


Caledonian Legends:

Aksel Part (Edinburgh Uni)

Blair Small (Dundee)

Calum Lindsay (Glasgow)

Elliot Samson (Edinburgh Mavericks)

Harry Gunning (St Andrews Uni)

Michael Garbutt (Edinburgh City)

Ross McGuiness (Strathclyde Uni)

Ella Paul (Edinburgh City)

Jen Brown (St Andrews Uni)

Jena Connolly (Edinburgh Mavericks)

Julia Henzell (Newcastle University)

Julia Marchingo (Dundee)

Marisa Graser (Strathclyde Uni)

Melina Zavali (Edinburgh Uni)