SKA statement on appeals outcome for protests

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As outlined in previous SKA statements, the Scottish Korfball Association engaged a panel of vounteers from across the korfball community to review two indpendent protest decisions raised by Northern Storm and Dundee 1 against Edinburgh City 2 in December 2014.


The appeals panel were provided with statements from each of the clubs involved in the protest, as well as appearance statistics relating to the fixtures, and matches prior/following the fixtures in question.

The panel of three recommended:

1. That the protest against Edinburgh City 2 by Dundee 1 be upheld.

2. That the protest against Edinburgh City 2 by Northern Storm be upheld.

3. That the protest system be reviewed to further clarify the rules for the future.
The Scottish Korfball Association committee has accepted each of the appeal panel’s recommendations.


As per point 3, the SKA are committed to working towards a system that is clear and has agreement from all parties before beginning of the 2015/16 season. In the short-term the current protest process will continue to operate if called upon by on team lodging a protest against another.

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