SKA Statement: Protests

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2014/15 League Rules
For the 2014/15 season the Scottish Korfball Association AGM instituted a new system for managing team selection and the issue of ‘playing up’ and ‘playing down’.
Under the 2014/15 league rules (see SKA Policy Library, League Secretary emails passim.) the previous system of ‘star players’ was revoked, as agreed by majority at the April 2014 AGM. The protest system was instituted in place of the star player system in an attempt to ensure that Scottish korfball remains competitive, fun, fair, and played within the spirit of the game.
As per current league rules, team captains may raise a protest to the SKA committee through the match referee on the day of a fixture, or within a seven day period following the fixture.
If the team protested against should win or draw, the protest is to be reviewed by the SKA committee and the protest either upheld or refused based upon evidence of player statistics from preceding weeks and other pertinent information.
Teams against whom a protest is upheld will have points earned from a game docked, and the points granted to the team who raised the protest. In addition, a fine may be imposed by the SKA upon the offending team.


Fixtures of 7th December 2014
During a triple-header game held on 7th December 2014 both Dundee 1 and Northern Storm KC raised protests against Edinburgh City 2, who had defeated both teams during the course of the set of fixtures.
Using evidence gathered in the following weeks the SKA committee upheld both protests, judging that as per league rules 22.1 & 2, the team fielded was ‘unfairly strong’, with player movements either not ‘fair’, ‘excessive in number’ or not ‘within the spirit of the game’.
Following the communication of this judgement by the SKA, Edinburgh City 2 have appealed the SKA’s decision, and an independent panel of volunteers from across the korfball community have been appointed to review the outcome of the initial protests considered by the SKA.
Once the panel’s decision has been reached and communicated to the clubs involved the SKA will provide an additional update.
Is is expected that this decision will be announced imminently.


Looking forward
At this time the SKA would like to acknowledge that the newly-instituted rules are in place to allow more flexibility than the old ‘star player’ system, and that as part of this transition there is a degree of settling required to better define boundaries of ‘fair’, ‘excessive’ and ‘within the spirit of the game’. This process takes time, and is not easy, but the SKA committee are dedicated to working towards growing Scottish korfball and making it a fun, safe sport for all to engage in.
In order to provide greater clarity as the Scottish korfballing community grows, the SKA are undertaking a process through which club will be requested to define playing squads for the teams that they have entered to the Scottish Korfball League. Whilst this will not define when a protest is, or is not required or valid, this will provide some information to clubs on the squads that they may expect to face.
In addition, the SKA will publish internal procedures for the management of protests to ensure that the process is as transparent as possible, without impeding the fulfilment of the SKA’s requirements under league rules.


Finally, the SKA committee look forward to the AGM on 18th April 2015, for which a request for proposals regarding the future of Scottish korfball will be send out to clubs shortly.

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