The Scotland Squad – Jen Merritt

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Name: Jen Merritt
Current Club: Edinburgh Mavericks
Previous Clubs: Edinburgh University
How long have you played korfball? 4 years
First memory of playing korfball? Shooting in a Freshers week demo in a squash court at Edinburgh Uni. I liked that the balls were blue and yellow.
What are your hopes for yourself and Scotland in the future? To work hard, learn a lot, have some fun and for the team to achieve it’s ambitions, ultimately that goal of qualifying for Worlds.
What would you say to encourage someone to play korfball? It’s the best sport I’ve been involved in socially, on court and off court it’s a nice community to be part of. It’s the ultimate team sport to play and every player is vital to the success of the team so you really feel the highs and lows together. To me that’s what sport is all about.
Favourite place to visit: Yorkshire, where I grew up.

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