The Scotland Squad – Ross Thomson

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RossName: Ross Thomson

Current Club: Edinburgh University

Previous Clubs: None

Best Experience playing for Scotland? None yet. I’m hoping to make some.

How long have you played korfball? 1 year.

First memory of playing korfball? Going past someone at club training for my first runner. That’s when I caught the bug.

What are your hopes for yourself and Scotland in the future? I hope to contribute to this team and our ultimate goal of the World Cup 2019.

What would you say to encourage someone to play korfball? If you want to make great friends playing a great sport, this is for you.

Non-Korf questions:
Do you play any other sports? I played basketball for 10 years, I also occasionally hack my way round a golf course .

Favourite place to visit? Places close to home, I love exploring, finding new parts of cities I live in.

Favourite Film/TV series? Limmy’s Show. My favourite hobby is making other people watch clips from the show.

Star Sign? Sagittarius

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