Youth Korfball

Korfball was designed for children and young adults from its very conception. The father of korfball Nico Broekhuysen set out to create a sport that boys and girls could play together – fostering teamwork, improving co-ordination and athleticism, and most importantly, having fun.

Since 2010 various members of the Scottish Korfball Association have been working on the Scottish Korfball Youth Programme (SKYP), which aims to nurture youth korfball in Scotland and encourage the sport as a whole to grow. Information about SKYP may be requested from the SKA Development Officer.

Local volunteer-run projects in Edinburgh and Dundee have begun to have an impact, with over six hundred children trying korfball since October 2010. Regular after-school clubs and youth sessions currently run in Edinburgh and Dundee. For more details please see their individual project pages.

2013 sees the World Games in Columbia, during which korfball will be played to the highest level on the sport’s most public stage. Alongside this huge event, the International Korfball Federation has established 2013 as its Year of Youth, a year in which a team of co-ordinators from across Australia, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Scotland, the United States of America and Zambia will work to bring korfball to as many young people as possible. This will be achieved through a combination of a heightened publicity campaign, showpiece tournament coverage and support for local events and new clubs.

For more information about the IKF’s Year of Youth 2013, please email the Scottish co-ordinator.


Check here for information on our Dundee Junior Club, and here for their recent Schools Open.